Control by RF


Tired and frustrated

Cos’ life brings you down

But lift your head

Hold it high

Cos’ there’s no need to frown


It seems one day is happy

And the next brings me pain

Cos life is so


It’s driving me insane


But just take a breath

And try to relax

Forget stupid opinions

That mean nothing

And concentrate on the facts


They call me fat

Ugly, they don’t like my hair

But ask yourself

Really ask yourself

Do you think you should care?


What affect does this have?

On your life as a whole?

Will you let it

Change your mind, make you weak?

Cos that is their goal


By believing them, you accept

This is what you have to offer

If you don’t know your worth

Think you’re better than that

Then you shouldn’t even bother!


Believe what you want to

But don’t think what others do

Cos’ when you think

Go on think

Who’s going to know better, them or you?


Soon you’ll see its you

That’s resisting so hard

To see the joys

And the pleasures

That have left you so ‘’scared’’


Don’t worry about flaws,

Instead think about dreams

To hope and believe

To intend to achieve

It’s never as hard as it seem.


RF aged 14