Reflecting Back at Me by RF

Reflecting back at me


Looking in the mirror

And what do I see

In that sweet little face

Staring back at me?


My reflection could choose to be

The form in which I stand

Or beauty deep within which

Disregards all material demands.


What does my face reveal?

All the imperfections:

The spots and gross features

Of my ugly complexion?


I could outline all the flaws

Creating such obscurities,

Choose to ignore them

Or to make them insecurities.


My insides feel an outsider

With nowhere else to hide;

Why do I care for these flaws

When they take the place of my pride?


Instead of my reflected image

Find reflection embellished in eyes so blue

Look deep within my soul – you’ll find

Hope staring back at you!


Determination to go far

Flooding me with motivation,

Dreams of inspiration

For an internal, external revelation!


Now, instead in the mirror

Is a smile beaming bright

Cos’ my dreams aren’t just realities

In the depths of the night


Instead in the mirror

Is a clear, happy face

Beautiful from CONFIDENCE

Of my new future embrace!