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Activ 8 2 - Rapping fun

posted 13 Oct 2016, 05:45 by breakthru youth
We had loads of fun at our Christian group last night writing our own silly raps to the book of Matthew. 

Matthew 5 - Being Salt and Light
So don't ever give up this light
Like you put salt on your fish and chips
We can sail all God's ships

With the light that guides us everywhere
We can join to say a prayer

This verse was said, by our preacher
Who also happens to be our teacher
You are the salt of the earth
And have been since birth
To other people, you should be the light
Stand up! Come on! Fight the good fight!

Spread your light, don't hide inside
Because by my word - you should abide
Don't smother your flame
Or dim your light
Praise the Lord, both day and night!