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In memory of our youth project member Nathan Audsley

posted 1 Dec 2015, 03:48 by breakthru youth
In memory of Nathan

Written by Rachael Fearnley

Long hair, soft face,
Delicate at heart.
Infinitely caring.
We're sad to see you part.
Sweet and kind,
Such a sensitive boy.
Generous and heartfelt,
Memories of joy.
Curious, thoughtful.
Quiet some might suggest,
But we know there's more to him,
We've seen him at his best.
Dependable, reliable.
We know that whenever
We needed each other,
We'd get through it together.
You protected us and we're grateful
Throughout all of the years:
Parties, your house, the park, high school.
All the fun, challenges and faced fears.
From this I am truly certain
You were such a brilliant friend,
And were so meaningful to so many people
Who were all with you till the end.
So I'm glad that we've all known you
And you'll remain in heart and mind.
I'll leave you to gently rest now.
In sleep, may happiness you find.