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Tick Tock - Rachael Fearnley

posted 23 Apr 2015, 06:23 by breakthru youth

Tick Tock

Every single persistent clock

Voices its tick and voices its tock,

Wishing for a second it would pause

So it’s possible to witness the potential each single second stores.

When it’s used wisely throughout each day,

You can explore time’s potential in many a way

But how wisely can you choose to spend

These moments, without knowing the inevitable end?

If any second of any day

Could be your last second, would you throw it away

With silly fights and stupid rows

Wasting the time your life allows?

Or if you knew time’s true value,

How better would it be spent by you?

What way would you spend your day:

So much to do and so much to say

So many beautiful places to see

So much potential of what you could be.

So next time you’re fighting, instead of having some fun,

Just remember that soon your life could be done.

So work hard. Achieve. Let loose and be you.

There’s unlimited things in this world you could do.

However, time starts to tick and to tock.

You’ve limited time left on the clock

So you better start now with what’s worth your valuable seconds

And open your heart to the world as it beckons

You to explore it and to find your way.

They say “life is a journey”, so enjoy every day.