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Salli Winterton

One of the first things people ask is “why is your name spelt with an i? Did you change it?!” The answer is no, I was born with this spelling, back in April 1983. My mum is from Finland, so I was given the Finnish spelling of the name. I am the youngest of 3 girls and had a really happy childhood. We often went to Finland to see my mum’s family for the 6 weeks holidays and always had such a great time. Even though I couldn’t speak Finnish, and my cousins couldn’t speak English, we still had lots of fun and found ways to communicate with each other.

When I turned 7 I started archery at school (my dad was the coach and deputy head of the primary school) and after years of training with him and then a national coach, I first represented Great Britain at a European Cup when I was just 14. It was hard juggling school work, archery, waitressing and family life as a young teenager but I managed it, and I think this taught me a good life skill- multitasking!

I started working for a Finance broker when I was 17 and stayed with them for nearly 10 years. During this time I had many roles and thrived on all the challenges I was being set. There was rarely a quiet moment and although the days were long, I loved working.

I met my husband, Andy, at a friend’s Barbeque when I was 20. We then got married in April 2007 at the church where I was baptised nearly 24 years earlier! It was such an emotional and magical day that I wouldn’t have changed a thing. We had all of our close friends and family there and it was the best day of my life so far!

We moved to Horbury in May 2008, and instantly fell in love with the area. We felt at home here and knew it was where we wanted to raise a family.
Nothing could prepare us for the day our son was born, Joshua Alvi, on 28th June 2009. Me and Andy could not believe we had created such a perfect little thing, and would just stare at him for hours! I wanted him to have a bit of our family history, so we gave him a Finnish middle name, Alvi. Watching Joshua grow up is the most amazing experience I have had, and each day I am very grateful for having such a happy baby and loving husband.

I am now enjoying another challenge in my life, working as the administrator for the Youth Project. I feel very lucky to be working for such a worthy local charity and have been made very welcome. Hopefully in the future Joshua will be joining in with the groups and activities as the project continues to grow and make a big difference to the local community.