Horbury Churches Together (HCT) Youth Project


  • Horbury Churches Together began in 1993 with Anglicans, Methodists, Salvation Army and Evangelical Christians forming an alliance.

  • HCT has, since 2001, had a paid Youth Worker, working then mainly with 11 to 16 year olds. This has gradually expanded and now includes up to 25 year olds.

  • In 2008 the Trustees decided to apply for a Big Lottery grant to expand the youth work. In August 2009 we were awarded a Big Lottery grant of £296,000 over 5 years to expand the social and community aspects of our youth work, appoint a Senior Youth Worker and a part time administrator and to open an office in the Methodist Church.

  • The project is overseen by the Trustees but activities are managed by a Youth Management Committee with officers shadowing the Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary of HCT. There are regular 6 weekly meetings with the elected officers and representatives giving their reports, organising events and allocating funds to specific youth activities and purchasing.

  • The Youth Management Committee consists of over 60% elected young people under 25 years of age and they work together with the Trustees under the "Here by Rights National" framework.

  • As part of the Lottery Grant agreement and to continue quite separate Young Christian activities, we need to raise over £20,000 per annum. This is undertaken by members of the Church Congregations, Youth Project Volunteers and through Trust Grants in a variety of ways.

  • The objectives of our Lottery Grant have an over arching objective to help young people across a wide range of needs. Specific objectives include our providing fitness and sporting opportunities for enjoyment and learning, the setting up of lunch time groups in the local High School to assist students with behavioural and interactive skills, teenage lifestyle groups and "Experience" events.