Aaron's Profile


I'm Aaron and I started at the project as a young person back in 2014. I started to increase my involvement, both in the community and in the project, as a volunteer. As well as being the new detached youth worker I am a voluntary Duke of Edinburgh leader and you may see my face around in a few other holiday activities or sessions.😀

I should probably tell you a bit about me..... If you haven't already guessed I love the outdoors and challenging myself whether it be physically, academically or professionally and strive to be the best self I can be, as well as having the most positive impact on the people, community and ideas around me. I usually try to be busy so if anyone needs me then I am sure I will be anywhere but home (Probably on a night walk somewhere🤣).

If you ever see me around, whether I am on foot, bike or half way up a tree, say hi or give me a wave. I am always up for a chat. Hopefully I will see you around or maybe you'll see me🧐!!

Oh, and remember to smile. 😀