Fay's Profile

Hi everyone,

I’m Fay and I’ve been part of the youth project since I was 8 years old. I first joined youth club back in 2009 when it used to be on a Sunday night and then, while progressing through high school, I went to basically anything and everything the youth project had to offer! At the age of 16, after I had left high school, I began volunteering for the project, starting with the Performing Arts group and helping out in school on a lunch time. I was also the chair of the youth management committee and a trustee for the project for a while! In 2021 I was hired by the youth project as a sessional worker for Book Club and Legacy but I also volunteer at Archery and Umbrella.

I love to travel, going to the theatre and cooking! But I also like to spend my downtime reading and watching films and tv and being creative. I love being able to positively impact young people’s lives through the project and helping to better the community. I feel so lucky to have experienced the youth project as both a young person and as an adult and I only hope that the project can support and nurture more young people in the same way it did for me!