John's profile

Name: John Walter

Current Occupation/ Role:

Owner – John Walter Consultancy

HCT Youth Project Co-ordinator

Background: (family/history)

I was born in Todmorden, West Yorkshire, the son of a cotton mill labourer and a farm worker. I am married to Jackie, who loves golf and is passionate about the Duke of Edinburgh Award, with 2 sons, Philip (30) a worldwide paintball player, and Craig (29), a sports fanatic

Life experiences:(max 100 words please)

My independence came at University in London when, after 18 years at home, I arrived to find no accommodation or telephone access to home.

My career in Logistics meant living in Scotland, St Helens, Milton Keynes and Harlow. I had great new experiences in the real world and met good people everywhere.

I was shocked in 1988 when I found that Craig had an incurable disease, Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and was only expected to live to 15/20 years of age. Through determination, he now has a degree, is a music concert goer and a sports fan.

I am a committed Christian, now the framework of my approach to life.


Global travel, cinema and theatre, sport (especially football and cricket) and eating out

Hopes for HCT/ Youth Project:

I want us to help all young people to enjoy living, to get the most they can from life, to maximise their abilities and opportunities and to think worldwide with a “can do” attitude. At the same time for them to know how lucky we are in England and to be there for them, when needed and when problems occur, as they develop their lifestyles, beliefs and thinking