Kate's Profile

Personal Profile by Kate Watts

Horbury Breakthrough Project Youth Worker

Hello! It is lovely to have the opportunity to be working in your Horbury community! Although you may have not yet met me, you will be able to recognise me quickly by my broad Yorkshire accent, the fast speed at which I do everything (why walk when you can run?) and by my very determined attitude. Following working at a youth project in Armley (Leeds), I came to Horbury Breakthrough Youth Project to build new relationships with young people in November 2016. Since then I have been part of many of the clubs that run on a Monday and Tuesday, but primarily I lead Duke of Edinburgh Bronze, Silver and Gold Award. I have a great passion for working in the outdoors and I think it brings something to a young person’s CV, personality and health (physical and mental) that school lessons can’t always provide. This will be my third year leading in the expedition season and I’m really looking forward to getting back into the countryside and tackling the new challenges!

It won’t surprise you to know that I am passionate about youth work. I believe all children have the right to be heard, to be looked after and to be given time from the special adults in their life. Working in Armley and working as a foster carer has shown me that all too often young people are not given the attention and/or care that they need; I am keen to fill in the gaps and to protect young people where I can as a youth worker.

I’m enjoying being a positive role model for the young people that I work with and I hope I look forward to inspiring more young people through the Duke of Edinburgh Program this year.