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Personal Profile by Kate Watts

Horbury Breakthrough Project Youth Worker

Hello! It is lovely to have the opportunity to be working in your Horbury community! Although you may have not yet have met me, you will be able to recognise me quickly by my broad Yorkshire accent, the fast speed at which I do everything (why walk when you can run?) and by my very determined attitude. In the last 4 years I have kept busy: I have done a year of voluntarily work at the chaplaincy project at HMP Armley, helping the men coming out of prison with re-settlement into the community. I have been working at a youth project in Leeds for nearly 4 years teaching love, patience and grace. My wonderful niece and nephew, who are now both 4 years old, came into my foster care in September 2014 and now live with me long term. It’s been a privilege to have such an impact in their little lives and see them start school last September.

It won’t surprise you to know that I am passionate about youth work. All young people should have the right to be heard, to be looked after and to be given time from the special adults in their life. Working in Armley and working as a foster carer has shown me that all too often young people are not given the attention and/or care that they need; I am keen to fill in the gaps and to protect young people where I can as a youth worker. I have loved working with the young people in Leeds, it has provided me with a great deal of challenges, and I do love a challenge! I’m already enjoying using what I have learnt over the past 4 years to contribute to the breakthrough project in Horbury. I have started meeting young people in the lunch time groups, the Monday and Tuesday Youth groups, the Dance sessions and Duke of Edinburgh and I’m looking forward to dealing with the new challenges within these sessions. I’m especially looking forward to becoming an inspirational person, a motivator and a confidence builder for as many young people as possible!