Duke Of Edinburgh Award



Duke of Edinburgh sessions mainly happen on a Monday, location still to be confirmed. The Duke of Edinburgh Sessions help to develop employability and life skills through a range of activities. Part of the Duke of Edinburgh programme involves young people choosing a specific skill and physical activity to develop over a period of time. Participants also find their own volunteering opportunity as part of their Duke of Edinburgh Award, which is a great way for young people to explore their interests, meet new people and gain new skills. As part of the Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards participants choose their teams to plan and go on an expedition. Some of the training participants undertake includes first aid training, map reading and teamwork skills. Duke of Edinburgh is a great way to meet new people, develop confidence and try new experience.

Bronze Duke of Edinburgh 6pm-8pm starting 5th October then every other week.

Silver and Gold Duke of Edinburgh 6pm-7.30pm starting 9th November then every other week.

Update for last years participants

If you had started your Bronze award last year but were unable to complete your expeditions due to Corona Virus then you have a couple of options.

You can complete your expedition with the new Bronze participants in April 2021, or

If you are wanting to go on to you Silver award you can start the sessions on the 9th November as normal, when it comes to expedition time your Silver practice expedition would be counted as your Bronze qualifier.

Bronze sessions

5th October - Open Evening for new DofE participants and Parents.

12th October - Taster session

19th October - Taster session 2

2nd November - Session 1: Expedition Preparation, Bag Packing, route planning

16th November - Session 2: Expedition Preparation, eDofE information – enrolment forms and enrolment fee return (£10) ROUTE ONE COMPLETED

30th November - Session 3: Expedition Preparation, Emergency Situations

14th December - Christmas joined Session (numbers of y.p. and Covid restrictions depending)

11th January - Session 4: Expedition Preparation ROUTE 2 COMPLETED

25th January - Session 5: Expedition preparation, Consent Forms for expedition to be given out

8th February - Session 6: Expedition preparation, route planning ROUTE 3 COMPLETED

15th February - First Aid Certified Training. 10:30am until 3:30pm

1st March - Session 7: Expedition preparation, route planning ROUTE 4 COMPLETED

15th March - Session 8: Expedition preparation, food quiz. Consent and monies returned for expedition.

22nd March - Session 9: Drop in session. Equipment collection for expedition. Any outstanding work on routes to be completed.

10th – 11th April 2021: Bronze Practice Expedition (Penistone)

24th – 25th April 2021: Bronze Qualifier (Penistone)

10th May - Equipment return.

Silver/gold sessions

9th November - Session 1: New programme / expedition dates / eDofE / Enrolment forms.

23rd November - Session 2: expedition preparation, planning routes ROUTE ONE COMPLETED

2nd December - Session 3: EdofE Update – Enrolment forms and fee (Silver £15 / Gold £20) ROUTE 2 COMPLETE

14th December - Christmas joined Session (numbers of y.p. and Covid restrictions depending)

18th January -Session 4: Expedition Preparation, route planning ROUTE 3 COMPLETED

1st February - Session 5: Expedition preparation, route planning ROUTE 4 COMPLETED

15th February - First Aid Certified Training. 10:30am until 3:30pm

22nd February - Session 6: expedition preparation, eDofE updates ROUTE 5 COMPLETED

8th March - Session 7: Expedition preparation, route planning ALL ROUTES TO BE COMPLETED

17th May - Session 8: Optional catch up on routes, eDofE queries

24th May - Session 9: DEADLINE FOR COMPLETION OF ALL ROUTES Give out consent forms and information for expedition

21st June - Drop-In Session to finish outstanding sections, return consent forms and monies for expedition. STAFF TO SUBMIT ROUTES

28th June - Equipment Collection for Expeditions.

9th – 11th July 2021: Silver and Gold Practice Expedition, Settle (Yorkshire Dales)

19th July - Drop-In Session: any questions about the Qualifying Expedition and support with eDofE.

30th - 3rd August 2021: Silver and Gold Qualifying Expedition. Silver will finish on the 2nd August. Settle (Yorkshire Dales)

9th August - Equipment Return & eDofE update

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